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Ben Bangert is a San Francisco Bay Area programmer, best known for his open-source work creating and contributing to Python libraries such as Pylons, Beaker, and Routes.
He currently works at Mozilla.


Dissing Programming Langauges...

A friend recently brought to my attention that I seem to have a knack for insulting a language based on a quick overview without actually getting into it. After thinking about this awhile I’ve noticed it definitely seems to be more of a trend than I’d like.

The latest example of this was Ruby, but before that Python (Lisp before that). With each language, I’d find new things to nitpick on before really diving in (Which I always seemed to do anyways). As a result of this, I think its time for me to really grow up and stop picking on new languages till I’ve at least had the time to write a few apps in them and truly understand where they’re lacking.

As a quick side-note, here are the things I found to nitpick on before actually learning these languages:

  • Objective-C: God, wtf is up with these [] all over the place?
  • Lisp: God, wtf is up with these () all over the place?
  • Python: God, wtf is up with these _____ all over the place, and who in their right mind uses white-space to designate blocks?
  • Ruby: God, wtf is up with these {|| } things all over the place?

Obviously I had issues with syntax, I hope to have purged myself of these issues as of this writing. Remember, sometimes a language has a damn good reason to have crazy characters all over the place.