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Ben Bangert is a San Francisco Bay Area programmer, best known for his open-source work creating and contributing to Python libraries such as Pylons, Beaker, and Routes.
He currently works at Mozilla.


Nice tidbits in Leopard

As many have blogged about, Apple has posted a rather hefty list describing all 300 new features of Leopard. Some specifics that really got the coder in me excited:

(Highlighting emphasis all mine)

Cocoa Bridges

Use Ruby and Python as first-class languages for building Cocoa applications, thanks to Objective-C bridges as well as full Xcode and Interface Builder support.

Scripting Bridge

Use Objective-C, Ruby, and Python programs to automate Mac applications. The new Scripting Bridge enables them to easily generate AppleEvents using a concise, AppleScript-like syntax.

Create Instruments with DTrace

Monitor system activity from high-level application behavior down to the operating system kernel, all thanks to the power of DTrace and the instrument builder.


Monitor virtually any aspect of your application with DTrace, integrated into the Darwin kernel. Java, Ruby, Python, and Perl have also been extended to support DTrace, providing unprecedented access for monitoring the performance characteristics of those languages.

While some of the things can be done now (There’s PyObjC to use Python with Cocoa), the tighter integration of Python and Ruby into Leopard make it a very appealing upgrade (Even though I rather hate the new semi-transparent menubar and odd shelf nature of the Dock).