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Ben Bangert is a San Francisco Bay Area programmer, best known for his open-source work creating and contributing to Python libraries such as Pylons, Beaker, and Routes.
He currently works at Mozilla.


Making a better TextArea

I’ve been working on some Javascript to enhance the TextArea elements on the PylonsHQ Snippets section, and have noticed that… well, TextArea’s suck.

The hack I’ve seen is to use one of the newer features of browsers, the editable or ‘design’ attribute’s for div elements I believe. This lets one build a very snazzy amount of features, such as syntax highlighting, code completion, etc., but I don’t think I needed to go that far.

I only have one main design goal, this TextArea is for the user to enter RestructuredText so it’d be awesome if the TextArea acted in a way that made rst a bit nicer. The obvious two things that came to mind:

  1. Tab key indents 4-spaces
  2. Hitting return on an indented line, will retain the indentation on the next line

I’ve actually gotten some Javascript, hobbled together from various parts of the net, along with an ‘enter’ key handler I wrote myself on bitbucket.

Course, it’d also be nice to have a button or key combo, that will indent/unindent a selection in the TextArea as well.

Anyone else have any Javascript they’ve hobbled together in the past to make TextArea a little nicer for restructured text?