Technorati Doesn't Know Your Username Either

Update: Technorati informs me that they’re working on fixing this problem.

So I figured I'd log into Technorati, update my profile tonight. Problem is, I apparently forgot my username. So I go to the login screen and don't see anything about what to do if you forget your username. That's ok, there's a Lost Password link, that might help. Clicking the Lost Password brings you to a screen that lets you enter your username OR your email address to receive instructions to reset your password. (Still nothing about if you forget your username)

The email looks like this:

Greetings, !

    We received a request to reset your Technorati password.

    To create a new password, please visit this URL:

    If the above link is not clickable, please copy and paste the link into your web browser.

    Thank you for using Technorati.

How useful, clicking this link brings up a very clean, simplistic interface that lets you enter a new password and confirming that. Once you enter these two words and hit enter…. you get the same exact screen, only with the two fields empty .

Did it work? Did you change your password? No feedback whatsoever is given, except that if you try and do it again, you get an error….. which is even worse, because does this mean you did changed it or not?

Of course, at this point, lets remember the real issue is that I don't remember my username. So I go back to the helpful screen asking me to enter my username OR email for password reset, and start guessing possible usernames I might've used (and for me, that could be quite a bit). Technorati helpfully returns an error screen until I finally enter a username that exists, at which point it tells me it sent the email.

Technorati, if [STRIKEOUT:you're listening] (they are), please fix this…

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