Switched to Typo and some MT3 to Typo Migration Notes

So tonight I took the plunge, and converted the blog to Typo. It's totally slick, and I'm digging it. Plus when I want to tweak stuff, I don't have to mess around with Perl.

It's currently lacking a feature I had grown accustomed to, Technorati auto-pinging. I'm thinking this would be a good thing to contribute, so I'll start digging into the code and see what needs to be updated.

Migration was also a bit of a hassle, as it appears the MovableType 3 migration script only is happy if you use MySQL for your old and new blog. Getting it migrated to Typo required dumping the MovableType database using pg_dump, and loading it into the Typo database. Then the mt3.rb script needed to be edited to remove all the table prefixes. After this, the script happily imported all my prior posts, comments, and trackbacks.

Ben Bangert
Ben Bangert
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