Google TechTalk on WSGI, Middleware, Paste, and Pylons

For those that haven't gotten on the WSGI bandwagon, are still confused about Paste, how it fits into Pylons, and how its used in frameworks; I gave a Google Techtalk last week that hopefully can clear a few things up. The talk is now up on Google Video and the slides are available as PDF. You'll want to get the slides and follow along if you'd like to read the code samples as the Google Video compression has turned them into large colorful blurs.

The main focus of the talk is on WSGI, with a bit on Paste and Pylons as well, and runs about 51 minutes. I could easily fill an hour or more just on Pylons, which I plan on doing at some point.

Disclaimers about the talk

  • When I mention how the Rails routes code does extensive code generation, this mainly applied to the 1.0 and prior version of Rails routing. The Rails routing system got an overhaul around 1.1 that made it significantly easier to read, though that was also when the security bug in the routing crept in.
  • Pony's are valuable, though I don't know why.
  • Yes, I realize that hot pink and its friends are not the best presentation colors.


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