Next-Gen DVD Wars Give me the Blues

I've been seeing more and more movies I wouldn't mind actually buying… except that I have a 56" HD TV set. It looks amazing, pretty good with DVD's, but really amazing with HD so if I'm going to buy a movie I sure as heck want it in HD.

Unfortunately thanks to the tech companies refusing to come up with a single standard, I can either buy a $200 HD-DVD add-on for my Xbox 360, or a PlayStation 3 which I've heard is the cheapest Blu-Ray DVD player available. And of course, I really need to buy both if I want HD movies since some studios are only putting their movies out on one or the other format.

The end result? I'm not buying HD movies for HD-DVD or Blu-ray because its pathetic to have to have 2 players around (no, I don't care about universal players). In addition, I'm not buying DVD's anymore since I know that in a year or two I'll want to re-buy it in whatever HD format wins (please let one of them win in a year or two!!!).

What are other people doing in this situation? Buying one or the other? Still buying DVD's? Or not buying any movies at all until they get it straight?

Ben Bangert
Ben Bangert
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