Too Much Happening, Filtering the Overload

Tonight I was drifting through Upcoming to see what's happening in my area. Turns out the first page of 50 some events only covered today…. and its a ‘boring' Wednesday. As I flipped through page after page, eventually getting all the way up to this upcoming Sunday… it occurred to me that there is way way too much happening within a mere 30 miles of me.

Of course, being a geek I've been thinking about ways to try and narrow down this list so I can actually get a useful list for what I'd prolly be interested in for the next 45 days. There's just no way I can look through 1200 events to see what's going on for the next month, and I like to plan ahead.

A few things I think would help to begin with would be keyword filtering, of course the next step that requires would be some way to build a useful keylist of what should be flagged for my perusal. Trying to generate a full list of every keyword I might be interested in is going to be pretty tough, though I finally thought of the one application I have which could yield the best list of keywords to filter on… Delicious Library.

It already knows the vast majority of books I own, and all my DVD's. That's not a bad starting point, toss in all the music I've bought from scouring all the id3 tags on my digital music and that'll cover my music. I really need a way to pull all my previously watched, and upcoming movies from Netflix, in addition to mining all the data of who was in each flick (IMDB should have that). After which I should have a decent set of keywords to ensure I don't miss either some special premier with an actor I might like, or a comedian doing standup.

Is there anything like this already that I just haven't found? Clearly, I'd want to keep this massive keyword list personal, so the software to pull from upcoming would narrow down the result set locally. I'm still a bit too privacy obsessed to consider putting such a massive amount of information into a single vendors hands. :)

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