PyCon 2008 Social Network

Normally I'm not a fan of social networks, I always seem to get bored quickly. The one time that I actually find myself using them however, is with conferences. The relevance of the immediately upcoming event makes it quite a bit more interesting, and I've found it a great way to find people at conferences that I'd like to meet and remember who I met afterwards.

As Doug mentioned earlier, there's several social sites for PyCon 2008 up. I suggested a Crowdvine network as well, and have set one up for all PyCon 2008 attendees.

Sign Up

For those attending PyCon 2008, consider joining the PyCon 2008 Crowdvine network. Some handy things to do after joining:

  • Add a picture. That'll help people put a name to a face.
  • Fill out your profile. This will help people find you.
  • Find people you want to meet. From their profile you can let them know that you are a “fan” or that you “want-to-meet.” Or you leave a comment with something more specific.


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