Routes 1.9 Release

I released Routes 1.9 today, which is another step on the Road to Routes 2.0. Some of the highlights that people will be most interested that I had previously blogged about now available:

Minmization is optional

Pylons 0.9.7 will default to turning minimization off (projects are free to leave it on if desired). This means that constructing a route like this with minimization off:


will actually require both the controller and the action to be present, and the trailing slash. This addresses the trailing slash issue I wanted to fix as well.

Named Routes will always use the route named

This is now on by default in Routes 1.9, which results in faster url_for calls as well as the predictability that comes with knowing exactly which route will be used.

Optional non-Rails'ish syntax

You can now specify route paths in the same syntax that Routes 2 will be using:


Or if you wanted to include the requirement that the id should be 2 digits:


Routes automatically builds the appropriate regular expression for you, keeping your routes a lot easier to skim over than a bunch of regular expressions.

Routes 2 will be bringing redirect routes, and generation-only routes, making Routes 1.9 a great way to transition to Routes 2 when its ready.

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