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I'm trying out Disqus for comments on the blog, for one main reason, I just didn't feel like implementing comments myself. I am somewhat wary of services that seem integral to a blog, like where the comments are, which is why I've been leery of using services like this for some time.

What happens if Disqus runs out of VC and goes belly-up? I've seen this with a few other web services, and no one using it is very happy when it occurs. On the other hand, I did find some irony in the fact that one of the features Disqus pitches users is, “Don't lose your comments if the blog disappears”.

On the other hand, I really appreciate the capabilities a central service-based comment system brings. I've inadvertently used it on other blogs, and was very pleasantly surprised to get updates and actually be able to keep up on what was happening on the blogs I commented on.

Are other people worried about using services by new companies or am I just overly paranoid?

I'd almost feel better about it if I could pay five bucks a year or something, as I'd at least have some better reassurance that the company is actually making money like I do with Flickr. Or maybe it'd be nice if companies that are profitable to say so, though it occurs to me that even that isn't a guarantee, as someone could come along and buy them up, then decide to terminate their functionality (like that one site that people used and were pissed about when Six Apart bought them and shut it down, but for some reason I can't remember the name of it at all).

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