Pylons 0.10 and 1.0 Beta 1 Released

Without further ado,

I’m pleased to announced that Pylons 0.10b1 and 1.0b1 are now out. I have not put them on Cheeseshop to ensure they’re not downloaded accidentally.

Upgrading / Installing

I have updated upgrading instructions here:

The instructions to install from scratch on Pylons 1.0b1:

The upgrading page covers the important upgrading instructions that Mike Orr touched briefly on before.

Note that these are beta releases, intended for us to discover remaining issues and continue updating any other documentation where applicable. Very little has actually changed in Pylons since 0.9.7, apart from 1.0 dropping all of the legacy functionality and a few explicit clean-ups.


Routes, Beaker, and WebHelpers however have been seeing quite a bit of updates through the life of Pylons 0.9.7 so no one should think that the developers working on Pylons and its related parts have been hanging out doing nothing. :)

Since Pylons 0.9.7 was released on February 23, 2009, almost one year ago now:

  • Routes 1.11 was released, and 1.12 with some great updates will be out shortly
  • Beaker has gone from 1.2.2 -> 1.5 with 3 major updates substantially increasing its ease of use and reliability
  • WebHelpers is now at 1.0b4 with major updates, core functions rewritten, and new docs up
  • SQLAlchemy has gone from 0.4 to 0.5 (with 0.6 in beta)

I believe this speaks a great deal about the benefits of keeping the core Pylons functionality separate from other parts, as a variety of bug fixes and features can be improved without requiring new Pylons releases to quickly address bug reports.

How to Help

To bring Pylons to 1.0, many docs likely need very small changes. Also, it would be great to take care of reference docs where people have commented about problems/tips. Helping is fairly easy, especially if you’re familiar with restructured text.

First: Clone the Pylons repository on Bitbucket:

Then: Edit the documentation files under pylons/docs/en/ to read as appropriate, commit the fix, and push it to bitbucket.

Finally: Issue a pull request on bitbucket so that we’ll know your fix is ready. Ideally you should include a note in it about what your fix remedies.

Bug Reports

Did your upgrade not go according to plan? Was there something missing that you needed to do from the upgrading docs?

Let us know by filing a bug report (mark component as documentation, and milestone as 0.10:

You’ll need to login to file a bug report, or feel free to reply to this announcement with the issue.

Thanks (in alphabetical order) to Mike Bayer, Ian Bicking, Mike Burrows, Graham Higgins, Phil Jenvey, Mike Orr, and anyone else I missed for all their hard work on making Pylons and its various components what they are today.

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